The same amount of time & effort as a doctorate

Two years ago I investigated an Ed.D or PhD in education. I even applied and was accepted to a program. After a few weeks of anguish, I declined and decided that I could that much focus, time, and money into deepening my practice as a teacher and developing Innovative Arts. I’m probably halfway through the effort it would take to get that doctorate.

I don’t have an external set of steps or requirements that have been given to me to complete. I have to create and monitor these for myself. So, it is helpful to be very clear about the goal.

Goal: I want to show what is possible in classroom in terms of student engagement and how technology can be used to help students grow.

I’ve been laying the groundwork for almost 5 years, and I am starting to see the first signs of success. In the end, after all this effort, I hope that trading away a doctorate degree will be worth the sacrifice.

My students certainly appreciate what I am doing, at any rate.

A new vision for education

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