The ‘high minded’ time of year

Each year about this time, I plan and anticipate student reactions that are almost comically divorced from reality. This year I want to imagine myself as someone who is pushing students… students who, in my mind, are open to being pushed.

I have plans for not tolerating behaviors, keeping high standards, and staying on-top of many different aspects of running a classroom. The plans, all put together would require about three of me in the room to pull off.

So I once the school year starts, I have to abandon some ideas, tolerate things that I shouldn’t, and feel disappointed in myself again.

Maybe, just maybe, I can plan ahead and prepare this year that I don’t need to compromise away all these things. Last year was a trial by fire, and the plan that I left with is seriously solid.

Some year, I won’t have to be so disappointed. This year?

A new vision for education

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