The best do the basics better

There must be something hardwired into humans that makes us want the newest thing. But the latest luxury becomes the next necessity. Our classrooms have changed a lot over the decade I have been teaching, but that doesn’t mean the learning is deeper or faster.

We take so many things for granted when it comes to the learning and development of our students. We take it for granted that the basic materials are too basic to teach anything of value. That’s nonsense – we need to focus on the basics. I developed a series of lessons this morning that teach some fundamental ideas when it comes to building with cardboard. The pilot started today and I was pleased with the engagement so far!

The idea is simple – I’ve given some simple prompts that kids found simple, for example, ‘make a cube.’ They’re making quick, kid versions of the prompts. Tomorrow we will see better ways to make each of them. They’ll remake a few and we are off to better things. It’ll be quick but such a fundamental step. I’ll display the beginning and end results, mini-writeups.

Then I’ll revise it all to make it ready for the 5th graders next week!

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