The Benefits of Maker Education

Here are the widely-accepted benefits of makerspaces and maker education:

Problem-Solving Skills 

Teamwork & Collaboration 

Design Thinking & Creativity 

Hand-On Learning Experience 

Innovation Through Playful Exploration 

Developing Future Skillsets 

I would like to elaborate on the list above, since these are so much more meaningful than that dry list.

I’ve seen how the challenge of making something for yourself helps students to develop grit. They gain resilience as their projects struggle. They build self-confidence as they eventually succeed.

Students are better able to tackle complex problems and break apart multi-step projects. They are better at evaluating options and materials.

What about self-confidence? When a kid considers something impossible, doing that thing, again and again, changes them. They can be making projects that get more and more complex. They can see that there are endless possibilities with super simple popsicle sticks. This could go on and on, the point is that a there is a lot to gain by diving into maker education!

A new vision for education

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