The beautiful thing I’ve created

Today was spent planning the first days of school this fall and the pieces are really coming together. It will be all new and familiar at the same time. In the past, each quarter would get a few improvements or experiments, with some systems displacing the inventions from the past quarter.

This coming quarter will have ALL of the improvements. It has literally taken months of struggle to build a whole new understanding. The endless pile of ideas that I have been wading through have been organized in a hierarchy that will unfold for years to come.

The best part? After the first few days of startup, I will have a flexible way to make sure that every class has these elements and ideas included. I will need to prepare most of these lessons, since the school year gets far too busy to do that. But with the copies already made, we can do a lot of ‘reps’ in a 42-day quarter. In the past, as I got more and more busy, we just started having plain old work days with little instruction or practice.

Yet I still have to actually make all the materials…

A new vision for education

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