Teaching to make!

It was fun to design and create the ‘Level-ups’ this past week. That can definitely be a part of class. On that same note, I created a few more similar modes of instruction to work into the curriculum:


This is when you let them try it, then help students learn a ‘next level’ method, and they remake it (but leveled-up). See yesterdays post.


These are for the popsicle stick projects  They are developed but then you add more sticks to see what might happen

Flash project

When you start with the mechanism and ideate quickly to make it something cool

Project Remix

Combining other project types (example, Sting art and glowboxes)

Materials Fusion

Combining two materials an a new way

Design mashup 

Combinging a design with a certain asthetic

Other ideas in the works:

Skill Sprints

Learning Leaps

Project evolutions

A new vision for education

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