Teaching, really teaching the basics

I’ve been all excited about the ‘level-up’ idea… but the lessons need to be even simpler and easier to relate. It’s clear there needs to be more chances to gain that knowledge.

Enough rambling. Idea time:

Maybe the team should summarize the learning for all groups.

Maybe there’ll be a test (showing examples to rate)

Maybe matching a written description to the improvment

Maybe a pop quiz

A project that uses all of the concepts?

Making a labelled diagram from a perfect example

Make a ‘level chart’ they can explain

Choose the best written description

choose best video description

Find the error.

Same concept, different materials.


Explain to a child


Best for me if it is reusable, shareable, easy to store/organize. Basically a video.

Best for students? The one that helps them actually understand.

The level-ups are already a video. Maybe I produced them too fast and should add a practice exercsie tot the end of each of them. They haven’t been shared yet, so I could still reedit to add a recap and exercise. Then again, the whole video is supposed to be an exercise in itself. Many of them already have a summary.

It needs to be something the students will have to process and vocalize.

Let’s see how that works.

A new vision for education

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