Teaching Creativity, Attempt #6

There is a little side class on creativity coming up, this time for adults. To teach it well, I feel like need to understand it deeply and have been reading all the books I can get my hands on.

Well, not ‘all’ of the books.

There are at least several hundred books on the topic of creativity and they are all wildly different. This started months ago, and the two most helpful books were also the most difficult to read and took weeks each. On the other side of that, it is starting to come together. Today, re-reading the notes feels like a big step.

The biggest hurdle that remains is just the time it will take to put all the pieces together. It is frustrating that the final result will be polished and smooth, hiding all the frustrations and hours of work that went into it all.

But, that product will help me make the one that will actually help my students. That one will be even smoother, and will have taken years to have developed.

Good thing I have years to get it all together!

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