Student narratives

The idea that has my attention today is our narratives and how these influence… everything. I’ve been trying to help students create positive narratives for themselves for years. But as I learn more, I have been doing it all wrong. Take this description of how therapy works to kick it off.

Working with a therapist to find new narratives for old memories can be an exciting and powerful experience. When a therapist helps us to recall a memory and then guide us in re-recording it with a new narrative, we are able to change our perception of our past and open space for deeper understanding of ourselves. It’s amazing how after revisiting an event multiple times with different narrations that what had originally felt traumatic can develop into something more informative and motivational. Through this process, therapy allows us to view our memories in a different light and it is incredibly gratifying to feel like we have gained some control over them.

As students move through their years at school, we can help them recall and re-record past projects or attempts as successful experiences in a larger journey.

After all, everyone is living their own narrative positive or not.

A new vision for education

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