Slowing down and safety

When I imagine a student who doesn’t feel a sense of belonging or safety in my classroom, I always feel that part of the problem is the pace at which I am trying to teach all of these ideas. The days become blurs and it is tough to keep everyone on track… especially when some students are long finished (and could be working on their next project) and others are barely started.

This cycle has repeated itself enough times to see that it is a problem. Instructions are being forgotten, kids are getting frustrated, and even my best efforts aren’t enough.

Tonight I want to fix this. I need to define the problem better though.

Are my projects too large, too soon? Would shorter projects and more common resets make a difference? The first quarter that students have with me should be a series of wins, exciting options, possibilities, and eye-opening to their own potential.

Smaller projects, more reminders, 10x clearer expectations, and more templates to follow for those who need it.

Sounds easy!

A new vision for education

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