Slow Moments

A year ago I started posting a question over my doorway and talking to every student as they entered my classroom. Then I would hand out nametags, one at a time, and greet everyone.

It’s a routine that would be much easier to skip. It’s worth it though, just by the warm interactions I can have with students every hour, maybe because it is at least the third time we spoke that day.

At any rate, I’ve been able to really notice the cumulative effect of my lessons and the curriculum that I am developing. I’ve been able to pick up on some odd observations and key principles that need attention next.

On top of that, I am noticing more ‘slow moments’ where an idea or message will hit home. I see it ruminating in some students. Others need extra supports and second moments. The challenge of leading a large group with this level of nuance is complex, to say the least.

No doubt that some ideas will be forgotten. Other ideas might not make sense until much later. But for a growing portion of the class, it makes sense here and now.

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