Single Clipboard to Giant Folder

It has been a struggle to manage the papers between classes. I had behavior trackers, notes, reminders, and all kinds of other sheets that should have been managed for each class. I was storing them on a tiny clipboard and now want to store them on a very large folding sheet of plastic.

The outside will have the basic reminders, awards and positives for the class. The inside will have the behavior trackers and more sensitive things.

The best thing about this ideas is that I can prepare for each class and craft reminders for each class, ahead of time. I often try and fail to remember everything that happens during a school day. Now I can have enough room to keep a note or post it, track reminders and behaviors, and review each class at the end of the day.

It is going to be a game changer for managing everything in the classroom. This, along with the ‘reteaching sheets’ I plan to use to document our conversations (before contacting parents), will allow me to set the bar much higher AND keep it higher.

Just took me ten years to get it organized!

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