Season two of “Fix Education Ourselves”

I’m coming up on one year since I made “Season One” and feel pretty good about my work a year ago, mostly because it made me change as an educator as I made those videos. It’s a strange process, writing stuff that pushes you, makes you really wonder what you really believe, and forcing you to stop hedging with half-truths. The experience, even though it didn’t amount to much of anything (in terms of people watching it) was great for me. I want to do a season two but don’t want to devote that many hours to filming and editing it.

My current idea is to share a resource that is in one of the phases of development: Ideation, Development, Trial-runs, Refinement, and Posting and explain how it got there, what I learned as I created it. These videos need to be easy to make just as much as they are entertaining.

I’ve gotten nearly zero feedback on the first season and will just keep moving forward with my gut feeling.

I have years to get this really figured out, so here’s to that!

A new vision for education

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