Reteaching Expectations

It’s the last day of school… and I was up early formatting a slip that will help to have conversations at the beginning of next year, regarding a few different student behaviors. It’s better to do it when it is fresh.

I have different slips for different topics. Below is the ‘using work time wisely’ topics:

There will also be: Paying attention/not talking, staying in your seat,

Reteaching Expectations: Using your work time wisely                 

Number or reminders given:   

  _____ in the last ___ days. Date: ______

_____ in the last ___ days. Date: ______

Why it is a problem: 

  • You are not following instructions ___
  • Slowly losing interest/forgetting_____
  • Distracting others_____
  • Missing your chance to grow_____

Why your teacher cares: 

  • I want you to have an awesome project___
  • Class will be more fun for you_____
  • Class is better with cool projects___
  • This project will help you make the next one even better!_____

What you should be doing: 

  • During our work time, please focus on making fast progress. ___

This looks like: 

  • Working at your space ____
  • Staying near your project ___
  • Ignoring possible distractions ___
  • Doing the next step or asking questions ___


 Next steps together:

  • Multiple reminders
  • Reteaching #1
  • Reteaching #2 (may be skipped)
  • Parent email/phone call
  • Followup
  • Principal/parent/student meeting

In the last column, the ‘next steps together’ I will check the multiple reminders and reteaching #1. I’ll say that if I don’t see some immediate effort, we can skip reteaching #2 and skip to the parent contact.

This will be a trick to implement into our busy class schedule… but worth the effort.

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