Restart Champions

Most students will need to restart a project at some point. The problem is that most kids do not realize it. There are many reasons why a student’s project is half-finished with serious problems. Kids might give up, hide the project, pretend like they don’t care, misplace or stage an ‘accident.’ Most of these projects need to be restarted. It isn’t a big deal.

But in most class projects, there isnt enough time, materials, patience, or investment for students to go ahead and restart. I have to heap effusive praise on the students who are so bold as to restart anything. Then they’ll begin to start over.

In our classroom, I have a place for students to put their failed projects after they restart. It is right in the front of the room and I show these projects to other classes. A failed creative project can spark many, many new ideas in those other classes.

During our work time, I bounce around often and try to catch students when they are struggling with a project. A lot of students are relieved when I ask them to consider restarting. They are not used to starting over but they know they could do better.

I tell the entire class that “we have the patience to start over when we need to get it right.”  I am impressed whenever kids choose to restart.

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