Resonating with students who aren’t present in class

I’ve gotten much better at crafting a story of Innovative Arts class. We are together, working toward the big goal, and enjoying the opportunity.

The journey of a whole class is a truly awesome process that I am just beginning to understand. The majority of the class is resonating the idea of creating for themselves.

But not every student is aware of the story. No matter the reason, they aren’t picking up the signal.

I usually cannot change their distraction.

What I can do is change myself and my class to sync with them.

I can think and act out my mindset.

I can give special opportunities for these kids to be drawn into.

I can change the pace and expectations to get that student to look twice.

I can respond in an unexpected way.

I can empathize, learn, and then modify for them.

I can accept and celebrate what is right about them. That seems to be the best starting point.

A new vision for education

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