Redoing the purpose and vision for this site

in 2018 this started as a blog with the hope of making some sort of impact on education.

Not many of my blog posts from back then survived my switch from bluehost to siteground. It was only 5 years ago, but it seems longer.

I made a ‘Now’ page that detailed what I was doing. I found it on Wayback Machine.

Spring 2019

Here is what I am currently working on:

Getting the classroom space totally set up

In one year, the “Fab Lab” has transformed from a dusty room with too much junk into a pretty cool classroom. I am building storage for student projects and getting the different areas of the classroom locked down.

Redesigning the 5th and 6th grade curriculum

This first year has been a great big experiment. I started the year with just a list of vague notions about growth mindset and creativity. There has been a lot of success and plenty of failure. At this point, I plan on revamping the entire curriculum. It will flow and grow with the kids!

Here are the tags from the bottom of that page: Attitude, beginning of the year, Brains, Creators, creator types, curiosity, Fixed Mindsets, freedom, Frustration, Growth mindset, initiative, Memory, metacogntion, mindsets, Mistakes, Neurons, reflection skills, SMART Goals

“Growth mindset” was a huge font because it was the focus of many of my first blog posts.

Then I started to focus on specific makerspace projects… but very few people want that.

So what to focus on now?

I made the “new vision for education” season 1 about a year ago and that experience has taught me a lot. Few people are looking for a new vision. Most are closer to survival mode and are thinking ‘what resources can I use, easily, to have a better class or classroom.’ I want to make a resource that is so handy that it is used by teachers in most schools. That is a high bar for sure. The breakthroughs in Innovative arts, however, make me think that this is possible. Better creativity resources, deeper lessons that give students autonomy, and cheap fun classroom ideas are all in the works.

In other words, I’ve started designing ‘Puzzle Shift Create 3.0’

A new vision for education

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