Reading books on creativity is my new hobby

I just started Cracking Creativity and it has so much information, I just want to wade through the possibilities as my new job.

Just look at the outline I started and fleshed out through chapter one:

Part 1: Seeing what no-one else sees.

  1. Knowing how to see
    a. Restructure a problem by looking at it with new perspectives
    b. Reword the prompt
    c. Separate the parts from the whole
    d. Change the words in some fashion
    e. One word
    f. Word Chain
    g. Make positive action statements
    h. Switch perspectives
    i. Use multiple perspectives
    j. Use questions
    k. Verbalize the process
  2. Making your thought visible
    Part 2: Thinking what no one else is thinking
  3. Thinking fluently
  4. Making novel combinations
  5. Connecting the unconnected
  6. Looking at the otherside
  7. Looking at other worlds
  8. Finding what you are not looking for
  9. Awakening the collaborative spirit

I have ‘The Creative Act’ coming in the mail… can’t wait. Need to finish this book before then!

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