Puzzle Shift Create 3.0

This weekend has helped me clarify what I want to create in the next few years – a resource so useful that any teacher who is looking to increase their students creativity, autonomy, creation abilities, or improve their classroom cultures would find useful.

That’s a lot.

It isn’t strictly a new vision as much as more clarity on what that will look like and what I need to focus on doing these next few days/weeks/months/years.

Student creativity

This is so vital – without creativity, the rest just fades in importance. We can’t rely on student self-discipline or their hope to get better, we need to give them a thrilling glimpse of all the possibility around them and build from there.


Too often we have excellent students just waiting to be told what to do. They’ll do the work at a high standard, but any optional opportunity or non-graded event is brushed aside. Where is the love of learning, the curiosity that leads to next steps, or the “We should ________________________________” that is often missing from our classrooms?

Creation abilities

I have the basic project for engineers and designers figured out. Really figured out. Now to explain and share.

Two down, four to go.

Classroom cultures

My work on this this year long has yielded huge results. Systematizing a ‘Creative Class Culture’ might be some of my most important work.

This is a pretty big vision, whew. Just this post makes me feel overwhelmed… but also motivated to pull out all the stops and make it a reality.

A new vision for education

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