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I’m using AI to write descriptions for the LevelUp videos. My plate is too full to feel bad about it. Here is one of the prompts I put in – it took a few tries to get it to sound right and the AI doesnt seem to mind if the instructions are out of order a little bit.

I’ll probably personalize the output before I publish it, but man, it’s a time saver when you can reuse the same prompt 13 times. The prompt is long but reusable.

I just noticed my instructions don’t totally make sense – its pretty cool it figured it out. The actual video will be published to the YouTube channel sometime soon.


I have a video that is for a series called ‘level-up’, where students quickly make a project based on a prompt, then they watch this video, then they make the ‘level-up’ version of the project. I will give you the project name and the intended improvements (high points). Introduce the project, improvements show, then introduce the class – ‘Innovative arts’ – , a middle school class that is to give students more autonomy, learn about their creative abilities, incorporates shifting student mindsets to a growth mindset, creativity, artistic expression, using technology better, and metacognition.. Talk about the goals of the class briefly and send them to for more information. Make it fun and lighthearted but mostly formal. keep it 3rd person. there are many level up videos, so just say ‘ this level-up video’. Topic: Make a Christmas/pine tree

High points: radial construction

AI Output:

Welcome to this level-up video, where you’ll learn how to make a Christmas or pine tree! This project is perfect for the holiday season, and with some simple improvements, you can take it to the next level.

Innovative Arts is a middle school class that encourages creativity, autonomy, and a growth mindset. By exploring their creative abilities and using technology in new ways, students can discover their passions and develop valuable skills. Check out to learn more about this exciting class!

To make your Christmas or pine tree really stand out, try using radial construction. This technique involves creating a central axis and building branches out in a circular pattern. This will give your tree a full, three-dimensional look that’s sure to impress.

So grab your materials and get started! With these high points in mind, you’ll be able to level up your Christmas or pine tree in no time.

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