Prioritizing Routines and Reminders

I created a big folder for each of the classes this fall. The outside has reminders for me and any public info I am tracking. I put all the possible routines and reminders on the front… and there were over one hundred ideas.

Most of the 100+ ideas won’t be a daily occurrence. Some are things that will only happen once in four years. No matter what, I need to really figure out which ideas stay and which get reviewed over time.

Here’s the list. Some if it only makes sense to me, ask if there is something intriguing.

Reminders and Routines

  1. Over-communicate expectations
  2. Tell the story of the class
  3. Daily Reminders (for what really matters)
  4. Mottos and chants
  5. Mindset Topic reminders
  6. HE Convos
  7. When I’m handing out nametags, I am saying…..
  8. Physical reminders (Common action means that “I….”
  9. Evidence you are great!
  10. PWH
  11. Submitting project updates
  12. Thank yous
  13. Best things in life are invitations, not mandatory
  14. Breathing
  15. Embrace bad news (practice telling me a bad thing)
  16. Daily Reminders (for classroom stuff: Clean room, materials, etc)
  17. We can all bring something from nothing
  18. What step on the CC am I
  19. Practice with procedures and ordering
  20. Show a project or mistake – how to improve or use mistake for good
  21. Brainstorming
  22. Practice vocalizing praise, asking followup questions, probing questions, saying “Tell me more”
  23. Values statement, Priorities in-order
  24. Vision casting of CT projects
  25. Link Present with future ideal (or goals) + visualize obstacles
  26. Daily Reminders (for classroom stuff)
  27. Mindfulness
  28. Affirmation
  29. Visualization – using the completed creator sheets
  30. Creativity Practice – Wild ideas Wednesday
  31. Past Project videos
  32. PWH
  33. ‘Seeing the big picture’ doc
  34. Cool past projects
  35. Mental Health Minute
  36. Video Record Reflections
  37. Dissect the steps for a project, Reverse engineer a project
  38. Make a silly scenario
  39. CT creators (young?)
  40. Check this creator
  41. Brainstorming and customizing projects
  42. Taking time, iterating after first attempts
  43. Finding and following creators
  44. Set norms of group work
  45. Envision being brave, step up
  46. PSC Topic reminders
  47. I3 topic reminders
  48. Sketch out the “Plan” for the next few days
  49. Have class move to big dreams side of daily PPT activity
  50. Create and sustain attention on Project
  51. Submitting project reviews
  52. Choose a material
  53. Choose an Adhesive
  54. Mindset Monday,
  55. Kids watch me go through the CC, catch errors, summarize what I did well
  56. Tiny Projects with AARs
  57. AARs: Listening, asking why, why, why
  58. Brain Trust
  59. Red Team
  60. What works
  61. How to get better
  62. Lil STEM challenges (linked to MTs)
  63. STEM and Creativity Challenges
  64. Group Creativity Challenges
  65. Shared with other classes, displayed
  66. Find complex project (could you ever…?)
  67. Break down into little steps
  68. Could you do it now?
  69. Spend a week in each CT
  70. YT project – discuss their CC trip
  71. Video Record Reflections
  72. Whenever discipline – connect act with reconnection
  73. Project advice time
  74. CCC/MJG4M
  75. Role play wanted emotions
  76. Visualization
  77. CC Writing PromptsCu
  78. Curiosity Table
  79. Realizing their growth
  80. Ideation activities
  81. Pathways Ideation
  82. How to think like a ___
  83. Contribute to group
  84. Example CT person
  85. Learn about Self Collage intro – Design as a class? Brainstorm
  86. Looking at the positive sides of failure
  87. Mistakes made it better
  88. Old MT Reviews, Make more example squares
  89. Creativity Practice
  90. Video my teaching
  91. Exit Tix
  92. Pretend to discover ___
  93. End of list. None of the rest was going to be useful to anyone else.

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