Positivity rebellion

I think every teacher has a class that didn’t want to participate and cooperate with a lesson. That is a negative vibe that grows with time. Unfortunately, I have experienced this firsthand in my own classroom in the past, and it can feel insurmountable to turn the situation around. It is a difficult and complex challenge with no easy solutions.

However, I am determined not to fall into that trap again. I am steadfastly optimistic and grateful for the positive elements present in my current class. As I focus on these positive aspects, they seem to expand and multiply. So far, this approach has been effective and I have been able to avoid falling into frustration. I leave each class with a sense of appreciation and gratitude. I fervently hope that I am able to maintain this positive mindset and continue to foster a productive and harmonious classroom environment.

So now I am frantically working on positive tricks and any other ways to keep it from slipping into that negative space. It’ll be great!

A new vision for education

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