Pathways explained simply

I piloted a mini lesson today – trying to teach all of the possible pathways that might be available to someone who is curious about engineering. The big idea is that someone who gets good at engineering or tinkering might get good at a few different unique skills. Those skills can lead to a whole new, unique place.

Foe example: someone might get good at the various popsicle stick engineering. Their projects get more complicated, then larger, then they get awesome. Over time, that person gets known for unfolding contraptions. Long story short, after a few years that person is doing something really cool, engineering a different kind of thing.

That opens lots of opportunities for that student. They’re in the newspaper for their work. People come out of the woodwork to talk to them about companies that will pay to send them to college, with a job waiting for them when they graduate. That student hears about all sorts of other opportunities and options that are related to their passion.

All because that person followed their curiosity and got good at it.

This story could be re-written in a thousand different ways. Again and again.

This type of story is an exception… but it doesn’t have to be. Let’s teach students to follow their curiosity and develop their passions.

Anyway, how could a student practice thinking like this and wrap their mind around this?

My best ideas to try next:


Choose the story

Add an option (write several

Articulating their own story

A new vision for education

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