Overpreparing for behaviors

A ‘silver lining’ is when you look for the good in the bad – the silver lining on a rain cloud. The silver lining from this past year’s behavior is that I’ve developed a robust set of tools for reteaching behaviors and documenting all/any of the reminders.

I first broke all the expectations into simple steps:

Warm-up time 
Enter calmly
Get materials, find seat
Start daily warm-up routine
Give sincere effort
Brain-time AKA Teacher Time
Not talking/distracting others
Stay in seat
Paying attention/effort
Chromebook misuse
Safety/no running
Using time wisely/on task
Careful effort
Following directions
Cleanup time:
Getting all jobs done first
Respecting the space
Effort to help

The seating chart will help me track how many reminders I need to give out the first days of class.

After I pick on on a pattern, I have separate slips to document the reteaching all of these. (full text below)

A behavior tracker for after we have that conversation.

There is an ‘Incomplete Project Reflection’ for the students who miss the due date.

A ‘Trust Level’ procedure for anyone who needs it

There is also an ‘Alternative Assignment’ procedure if all else fails.

Then there will be a ‘Rebuilding Trust’ sheet for us to step through.

It’s a lot. But since they are already made, it’ll be easier to make it work. I spent way too much time reacting, this will give me some tools to be proactive.

Below is the one that will do the most work, “Reteaching Expectations.” Kids will get the message and see the bottom list.

Reteaching Expectations: Warm-up Time        

Number or reminders given:     

_____ in the last ___ days. Date: ______

_____ in the last ___ days. Date: ______

I have high expectations for you because I want to see you succeed! I know you can do it. Let’s work together to fix this.

Why it is a problem: 

  • Missing instructions _____
  • Losing focus on our class topic_____
  • Distracting others_____
  • Slowing the class down_____

Why your teacher cares: 

  • I want you to learn a lot in class___
  • Class will be easier for you_____
  • Our class is better when we are all focused_____
  • You can add your voice to the discussion!_____

What you should be doing:

  • Enter calmly____
  • Get materials, find seat____
  • Start daily warm-up routine____
  • Give sincere effort ____


 Next steps together:

  • Multiple reminders
  • Reteaching #1
  • Reteaching #2 (may be skipped)
  • Parent email/phone call
  • Followup
  • Principal/teacher/parent/student meeting

Now to design the positive things that will make all of this unnessessary!

A new vision for education

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