Non-linear development

I have a huge board in my classroom with all the notes and ideas that have been collected the past few months. Making the board helped me to organize and prioritize the ideas… but that doesn’t mean it is all figured out.

Figuring out how to weave all these ideas together is a real struggle. In the past few months, I’ve read books on Influence, culture, communication, leadership, and multiple books on creativity. Lists of ideas and common themes have emerged. Experiments have been attempted. Things have been learned.


I spent a few hours today struggling to bring the vision for Innovative Arts into a concrete plan. As much as I want to just plan Day One, I have to struggle through the process of making lists, reorganizing them, chopping them into new lists, and slowly fitting them into something that makes sense.

It’ll be effortless when it is done. But right now it is all effort. I have about 80 days until the first day of school. Plenty… as long as it comes togehter soon and I can start tackling the MASSIVE to-do list that this process is generating.

Tonight: Review papers from the ‘Vital Behaviors and Values’ notes I created a month ago.

A new vision for education

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