‘Mindset Topics’ in their final form!

I’ve tried a fair number of techniques to document and share the class “Mindset Topics” and finally have a solution that is flexible enough and sharable enough to work. I made an example FigJam for this one and hope to get the rest of the mindset topics in a similar format.

The great thing about this is the creativity of the class can be documented and help future classes. I have students make an artifact of the topic (a square colored paper with a quip they can use to remember the topic) to paste on their project boxes from 5th through 8th grade. They summarize these topics in really insightful ways! As students think of short ways to remember the topic, they can add them to this FigJam:

By the end of 8th grade, we will have gone through a couple dozen of these.

It’s nice to finally have the dust settle on the organization/storage/sharing of these topics. They’re so helpful in helping students think clearly about what we are doing in class.

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