Making… what?

We make things in Innovative Arts class, yes. But the projects that leave the room aren’t the whole point of the class. Projects are just the repeatable activities that then help students learn about themselves and the power they have to change their environment. Projects teach students about their creative abilities and how simple materials can become fun and interesting with a bit of work. They are the context for deeper conversations over time.

Quick illustration: we have t-ball to help young baseball or softball players get started. The ball is set up and ready to be hit more easily. Just like t-ball, customizable projects are set up so our students can flex their creative muscles and experience autonomy.

With the right instruction, our students can change how they perceive themselves and their power in the world.

Clearly, this isn’t the reality of the class yet. But the seed of all of this is starting to grow. The projects are getting developed. The fog is starting to clear and the long road ahead is more visible than before.

The projects that are leaving the room are getting much more interesting. So are the people.

A new vision for education

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