Maker Education (unknown)

Maker education stands outside of the traditional, dominant education landscape. Administrators treat maker classes as less important than the big core classes. The public seemingly agrees. When a makerspace is discontinued in a middle school, it doesn’t make the news. If an administrator ever canceled a math class – it would be national news.

Let’s look at why maker education is not a priority.

  • Few teachers had it as a part of their own schooling.
  • There aren’t any certifications for a maker teacher.
  • STEM classes can be a ‘fun’ way to raise test scores.
  • State legislators have not mandated maker education.
  • Colleges do not look for maker education on transcripts
  • Standardized testing has narrowed the focus of our administrators.
  • You cannot test or explain all the learning that happens in a maker classroom. 
  • Making stuff cost more than lectures and note-taking.
  • Everyone thinks that you need expensive machines
  • No one has vividly demonstrated all the benefits that come with in-depth maker education

That last point is the biggest problem. That is what I am aiming for.

A new vision for education

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