Long term planning

Tonight I am thinking long term. What do I want to have built in 5 years? What possibilities are there that match my strengths (or at least things I can practice and get better at) and will also improve the education landscape tangibly?

If I make it and it gets ignored, it is less than something that changes the world for the same amount of effort. This is the real problem – What to do and create that is both useful to the real classroom teachers I hope to help AND accomplishes my mission with Innovative Arts. It isn’t test prep. It isn’t like anything that has made it big in the edtech space.

So tonight I just ponder the knife-edge between creating something for which there is no audience… and creating something meaningless.

The only sure thing is that my twins start Innovative Arts in the fall. It is the class that I want them to have.

A new vision for education

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