Juggling high expectations and engagement

Innovative arts class doesn’t mesh with the normal narrative of a makerspace at school. Usually, ‘just making’ is the goal and students don’t need to put up with a lot of procedures and other work.

The growing pains of Innovative Arts mean that developing those procedures along side the rhythms/narrative/scaffolds/resources of the class have some growing pains. I’m doing the best that I can to keep it fun, but ‘fun’ is a tall order when it comes to developing a whole new concept of a class.

‘But it isn’t fun…..’ Maybe it isn’t. But school doesnt have ‘fun’ as the number one priority.

Getting the narrative right is the next big step. The resources, procedures, all that stuff is coming right along. The story of the class needs to be motivating, anchoring, and helpful to students who are on the fence about working a little.

What a story to live!

A new vision for education

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