Going fast but alone

I started Puzzle Shift Create and Innovative Arts class about 5 years ago. It is pretty amazing how far it has come, even though the biggest advances are all hidden from view from everyone but my students. The results of these advances will eventually come to fruition.

But without a doubt, I am on to something, and I think it is big.

That said, there is a lot on my mind and so much still to figure out. Here is what has my attention: every single time I have a conversation with a smart educator, their thoughts give me a whole new approach and a better perspective. Problems start getting solved and fast progress is made from these conversations.

Being alone in this makes it rare for me to have these conversations though. Most days I will find myself only talking to middle schoolers, out of sync with the adults in the building. The lonelyness is bothering me less and less.

The problem is that I have been doing this alone.

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together”

African Proverb

I used to joke that I wanted to go fast and so I went alone. I said that I preferred to be a committee of one with all unanimous decisions. But I have to wonder how much I am missing by running solo all the time. Anyone else feel isolated in their job?

All the best~

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