Is it a class or ~25 individual students?

It’s demanding to be the teacher of 20+ individual students and not just the teacher of one class.

This year I have learned the difference between the two. Before I was just teaching one class. I tried my best to explain myself but it was frustrating how little progress was made.

Now I think about being the teacher of individual students. The difference is that I have to change myself to become what those students need. Whatever is going on internally in each student, I have to resonate with them and build upon the positives that we’ve already established. I have to know them, let them know that I understand them, and that I will be consistently building that relationship.

More on specifically what I do in the future.

I hope I can sustain it. Creating this site, the resources that are in the works, articulating my vision, and teaching ~500 individuals is a lot for one school year.

A new vision for education

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