Group Creativity

Something fun happened today. As we get nearer the end of our first big project, students kept seeing and having ideas based on the projects around them. “I now I want to make _____”, “that is so cool, I should make ______”, and more comments make for a very fun class period. They have the tools to do so, so much and they know it. It was joyful and light at moments multiple times throughout the day.

So much went into getting to that point – creating a class culture, setting expectations, crafting the perfect project, teaching processes, and a thousand details to make the making space work for class after class.

Leading a class into creativity like this is a major step in the Innovative Arts dream. It was maybe the biggest hurdle to overcome. Organization hurdles remain along with massive amounts of content to create, new projects to refine, supplies to acquire and budgets to stretch.

Hope renewed, energy gained!

A new vision for education

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