Gaining Steam

It has been a few months since I was daily blogging… and what crazy few months it has been. This summer, I collected and distilled ALL of the ideas that have been floating around. About 10% of the list was implemented in September and it was like drinking from a firehose. SO MUCH good information, too much in fact. The second quarter started and I smoothed some of the rough patches. All of this was a non-stop sprint, but it was very much worth it. It’ll take quite a while to unpack everything I learned these past few months. I need to start just making a list.

All in, Innovative Arts is starting to take shape. With each step I take, the path stretches multiple steps further ahead. But I am moving forward faster than ever.

Now the task is to somehow get enough energy to share what I have learned, lay it out in a meaningful and productive way, so that others can benefit from all this work.

I’m off to start that list. It will be right at home, next to all the other lists.

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