Freedom in a classroom

The freedom that comes with a class full of opportunity and options is … different. Long story short, I have to get better at teaching the expectations that come with the class. Students can easily lose focus with lots of work time – instructions are forgotten or ignored, distractions are found, and alternative assignments are invented. All the while, I am running around trying to correct and it is not well received. My hope for this summer is to build a well-oiled machine that both gets more done and allows me to have fun teaching projects again.

More proactive and less reactive.

Idea: I want to become a better writer and know that I have a long way to go. So here is an idea – I’ll input everything I typed above into chatgpt with the instruction: “Rewrite this but better”.

My hope is to see enough examples of good writing that I will be able to make some for myself. Does the AI version actually improve the post?

This post, rewritten by AI:

The sense of freedom that accompanies a class brimming with possibilities and choices is truly remarkable. To put it succinctly, I need to enhance my skills in effectively communicating the expectations that accompany such a class. Students often struggle to maintain focus during work time—instructions slip from their minds or go unnoticed, distractions beckon, and they come up with alternative tasks on their own. Meanwhile, I find myself frantically trying to correct these behaviors, only to encounter resistance. This summer, my aspiration is to construct a well-coordinated system that fosters productivity while allowing me to once again revel in the joy of teaching engaging projects.

I aim to be more proactive in setting the stage, rather than constantly reacting to challenges as they arise.

A new vision for education

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