First ‘Creators Expo’

Whew. What a day. I was nervous that this first Expo was going to be somewhat dull – what just cardboard and paper… What I forgot was that there are lights and motors, colors, actors, robots, past projects, videos, more videos, and excited creators that will perform and bring all of these things to life. When a class visited, it was dynamic and awesome. And now that it is over, I can plan a much better one.

The worksheets are a must. Slowing down students is critical.

An area with a super fast creative task was useful. Time to steal ideas from the science museum.

Set-up and take down need a routine and a plan. It was hours of legwork.

Backpacks need to stay away – the clutter isn’t welcome.

Massive decorations are fun and interesting to make/manage. Cut up pool noodles and skewers saved the day.

Dense, colorful projects make for an epic area. Make levels to the tables.

I am not sure they need to be grouped by similar project types. Random worked.

It’ll take a while to take all the batteries out of all those motorized projects.

Movement in the displays make it SUPER interesting. Glad we kept so many motorized projects.

The big projects were a hit – I need to harness that.

I need to think about:

How to share and promote each quarter… hyping the whole year.

More project storage and efficient setup routine.

Scheduling times for classes to attend – make it regular.

Promote sooner and better. It’ll only get better with more projects and attendees

Folding displays? These might be useful for our ‘end of quarter’ practice expos too?

What else can be a massive decorations?

Pre-teach expectations and how to fill out the ideas sheet. How to leave positive comments on the sheets as well.

Store projects with the labels already attached.

Sign up helpers to wrangle the motorized projects, direct the mini activities

…..Like I said, now that it is over, I can plan a much better one.


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