Failure and mistakes

I showed my students the ‘Failure is Valuable’ page and talked about just trying things out, learning how the world actually works. This is another term for failure – “figuring out how the world actually works”. I say this because when we start something that we are sure will succeed… and then it fails, it teaches us something about reality that we didn’t understand before.

If you had to choose between between a piano player who has made a million mistakes and one who has made only 1,000, I would choose the million mistake one every time. They must have practiced for years to accomplish that. The 1.000 mistake person probably has barely started learning. \

We are the same way. Make mistakes, lots of them and learn from those mistakes. Make enough of them, as long as you are paying attention, and you will be able to see them coming and avoid them. That is when you make it look easy.

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