Ending a quarter routines starting to take form

9 weeks ago, I was so overwhelmed with everything I had learned about starting a quarter. I could not even think through how to properly end a quarter. I was overwhelmed to start quarter 2 with many changesI Those changes worked. Now I am in the position to make the changes to the end of quarter.

It’s slowly coming together. Thank God I have 4 quarters a year to renew my efforts. I have a LONG list of new things to implement next week, but those have been pushed off because there I am finally in a place to develop the END of a quarter. I daydream about the day that I have all of this developed and I can make higher level connections. That day will come, it has started coming in some ways already.

On that note, I started listing and reviewing how many advanced classroom elements that I have started and deferred, and it is a lot. I’m not ready for them yet, my students need the solid foundation that is starting to take form.

I’m grateful to be in this position and hope to push past all the minor troubles that make up the day to day. But it is middle school after all, that might be wishful thinking.

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