Dwindling desire to improve yourself… reversed

Through my program, I have watched students go from enthusiastic and determined to tackle the tough challenges set before them in fifth grade; to a more apathetic attitude by their eighth-grade years. I’m determined to figure out how to reverse this – how our students can find ways of inspiring themselves towards solid goals and overcome anything in their way. It is easy to just lay that vision out… but after a few years of hearing it, it loses its potency.

There is a lot of room for improvement on my end. Today, I’m currently designing anchor points, where students can see how they have improved or exceeded their expectations. This and about a dozen other ideas that might help. Some will work really well; others will be a waste of time. It’s taking all my energy to keep these experiments afloat.

Ideas, good or terrible, all need to be worked to find out. Some will (or won’t) take 4 years to bear fruit.

A new vision for education

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