Do schools kill creativity?

Recently, I’ve been pondering over the renowned TED Talk titled “Do schools kill creativity?” and my perspective on this question has evolved. Initially, I believed the answer was a resounding “YES.” However, my current stance is that it is indeed a “YES”… and finding a solution that can rectify this issue requires a substantial amount of creativity. It’s important to acknowledge the various constraints we face, such as limited resources, personnel, societal expectations, and cultural considerations. These factors undoubtedly pose significant challenges to anyone undertaking the task of addressing such a monumental problem.

Nevertheless, despite these hurdles, I firmly believe there is still hope to align student motivations and interests with innovative solutions. We can do better.

Someone needs to show what is possible in a classroom, not just talk about it though. Here is to that goal!
Now to discover and design ‘What is possible in a classroom!’

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