Creativity Restart

Some days, writing a blog is a huge step towards organizing your thoughts. Today is that day regarding creativity. This is one to print out and hang somewhere, as I plan the Innovative Arts curriculum for next year.

Ideally, a student learning all about creativity should be:

  • ideating daily
  • seeing the creative process in multiple times and ways
  • doing one-day-builds as teams, with a framework to follow (at least at first)
  • planning larger projects or leading their own one-day-builds
  • seeing the context for these exercises and knowing why they’re ‘taking the reps’
  • exploring materials or topics with creativity in mind
  • relating back to the topic something they saw in a different context
  • Responding to open-ended prompts
  • Owning the class environment
  • Ideating about their schoolwork for other subjects
  • Explaining the process of creativity
  • Free-form brainstorming
  • Storytelling as beginning or end of ideation session
  • Using empathy
  • Using the internet to jump-start ideas
  • practicing both alone and together
  • Seeing opportunity in mistakes and value in failure

A new vision for education

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