‘Craft’ first

I am reading (just starting really) The Craft of Creativity and they have laid out how the things we already know how to do is our ‘Craft’ and anything we don’t know yet is discoverable through creativity.

I need to develop my student’s craft. For each of the six creator types, we need to lay a basic groundwork before we can really become creative with it.
This is clear because all the creative projects in the past…. don’t lead to even more creative projects in the future. More often, the student was really challenged and isn’t willing to try anything simular to that again.

If they had a strong base, it would be easier to have students manage quick, creative projects instead of long, difficult undertakings. I wonder if I can have classes bring more focus to quickly completing these projects and if a solid base is what is missing from our class so far.

The book will be breaking down the creative process in a whole new way next, I hope to apply it to all levels of Innovative Arts!

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