“Craft” and “Creativity”

I am finally finishing the book “The Craft of Creativity” and it’s been great. I finally have a framework to understand how to really teach creativity. The main takeaway: we need to have a well developed craft (our ‘craft’ are our skills that we know well) and from there we can build up our skills at changing our perspectives (being creative). It’s going to help me really focus on what I can do to help students first get capable, then get creative.

Reading this book was a slog though. It delt with such abstract topics that I had to re-read many passages over and over again. I wish I had the time to really re-read it, I know I could be making more connections and extracting more from this book.

At any rate, here are the chapter titles:

Gaining Insight

Turning Potential into Inventions

Enlightenment as a Creative Product

Cues and Clues to Change Perspective

Thinking Tools

The Value of Persistence

Developing the Craft of Creativity

I need to get back to the nitty gritty of this coming school year, with all of this in mind. Time to figure out how to bring this to life!

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