Core idea for how a class might work

The way we run classes could be very different— more play, competition, memorable, or exciting. Most middle school teachers are rolling their eyes at this point – and I’m with you – if you give an inch, they’ll take a mile. But someone needs to show what is possible in a classroom (and not just talk about it.) That’s what I need to figure out and prepare for. I have to try anyway.

Here is my idea – ‘Feedback Teams.’ Depending on their age, a class will split into groups of engineers/designers, or coders/digital creators, or entrepreneurs/wordsmiths. As they come into class, each day we will have a quick activity to engage our creativity, imagine pathways, anticipate difficulties, give and get feedback, team building, literally building, challenges, and more. I have a long list of possible activities that I have been compiling for years. So many activities were tabled because they needed a better context for class – well, here that context is.

So much could go right, so much could go wrong. In my mind, it’s the missing element from Innovative Arts class. I’ve thought that before a few times.

But this is definitely a significant missing piece of the puzzle.

A new vision for education

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