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I am reconsidering the first thing my students see as they enter my classroom. The room is great once you are inside, but you enter behind my front table that houses my files, teacher laptop, and usually a mess for a dozen reasons.

At the same time, I would like to have some flappable space that would keep the papers for a specific class at hand (yet fast to put away). Maybe these two things can be fixed together.

I am imagining a light board that can be flipped up (showing a message like “Your contribution is important” or “Bring your best”) at the start of each class, as students enter and walk past the table. I can then flip it halfway down and find the papers that I would like to have organized and available on mounted clipboards.

I have ambitions about tracking much more on each student, good and bad, and this will make this much easier. As it is, the papers get disorganized or lost and the tracking cannot happen.

The last thing to figure out is how to make this work for 6 (or possibly 7) classes. It’s hard to imagine a 180 degree pivot for all 7 boards. Tonight I’ll ponder the possibilities.

How did those church photo albums work?

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