Another run at teaching growth mindset

I’ve tried this, that, and the other thing when it comes to teaching growth mindsets. It’s time to get smart about it.

Going straight at it isn’t a great plan. So here are the things that I’ll teach as we take the long route.

How the brain works – connections are formed from making mistakes, seeing others, and practicing

Introducing two mindsets – having students sort statements into two piles with no other explanation. They try to explain what the difference between the two piles.

Modelling the mindsets – showing possible reactions

Showing my own stuggles

Adding the magical ‘Yet’ to statements

Focusing on effort over outcome

Coaching negative self-talk and changing language

Reframing challenges as opportunities and failure as learning

Coach an imaginary student who has a terrible mindset

Showing how students are growing over time

Teaching self-evaluation

The structure of the class will feed into this – the challenges will sound difficult at first but teach how students can face challenges, learn about learning, and celebrate the success of others.

There is more to how it integrates into Innovative Arts… but I’m glad to have this much mapped out for tonight!

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