Classroom grant to support student creators

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What is this classroom grant?

Puzzle Shift Create is all about getting kids creating and growing as creators. This website is full of free courses and tutorials that would help a middle or high school student get started in one of the six creator types. There are many free resources already on this site to help kids get started creating, however, there is no substitute for building with physical supplies. This grant is to give kids a chance to customize and create something for themselves. 

The materials and supplies that you see as a part of this grant were developed as a part of Innovative Arts class in Pine Island Middle School in Minnesota. Innovative Arts replaced the “Middle School Technology Class.” The goal is to help students become creators of their own type. 

Who can apply?​

Anyone who has students who want to be more creative and start using their hands to physically customize their projects. Puzzle Shift Create is run by a teacher who wants to help kids to become creators. It’s that simple. Homeschool and librarian grants will also be accepted.

Who pays for this grant?

Summer 2021 classroom grants will be funded by the creator of this site, Peter Johnson.  All of the resources on this site have been built since the Covid lockdown and there are a lot of improvements that still need to be made. This year is similar to a beta test. This first year of classroom grants will help improve the resources before adding outside supporters.

Supporters are still welcome, if someone wants to help out early in the process. 

So far, this site, the Creator’s Co-op, and the free resources within have all been self funded. Supporters will be needed to keep this site and this grant opportunity available.

What kinds of materials can be included in the award?

This is not a one-size-fits-all classroom grant. In the end, you will indicate how much of each supply you will need for this year. See possible supplies here

3D Printing has become much more affordable recently and I am trying to make it possible that each new grant will someday include a new “Ender 3” 3D printer. 

How many classroom grants will be awarded?

With more supporters, I will be able to send more grants per year. The first three years of this website was entirely funded out of pocket and very few grants can be made without supporters. 

Once this idea has over a dozen supporters, we may be able to send out at least one grant per month.

What is the selection criteria?

The goal is to help kids learn how to create. This can be in a makerspace, technology class, library, normal classroom, or however you like. 

This site is entirely run by me, a teacher. I am hoping to grow a network of people who are also trying to help kids become creators. 

Is this a one-time grant or recurring support?

If it is clear that the supplies are being used by students to create, there is no reason this cannot be a recurring grant. Make sure to document how they are used and we can do this every year!

It took me years of failure before I started to develop these resources and I want to see them get used. 

This site has places for students to post their projects. It is also fun to post projects on Facebook or Twitter. If selected, I’d love to see some of the final projects that your students produce. Maybe your student will inspire a whole new way to do things! 

How do I apply?

Click here. You’ll need to complete this short course to access the application form. All of the resources on this site are in the form of these courses and I organize them by creator type (click the “Students” link in the header above)