Brainy Connections! Distance Library Program

Hello and welcome!

This program covers a very important topic – How your brain works! This is the first thing that I teach my students in our “Innovative Arts” class. Knowing more about how your brain works will help you use it and grow it better! As a parent, these topics come up daily!


Make your own Brain Model!

At the end of the video, the challenge is to make your own model of the connections in a brain. Doing this will help the idea stick with little kids and help to make the idea of many connections real. I will share video slideshows of all the creations on my Youtube channel and with your library as a community created slideshow!.

Submit your”Brainy Connections!” photos here!

With everything going on, I want to create a video slideshow so we can create something as a community! Thank you for contributing to this experiment!

To keep things simple, I am using Google Forms to collect photos. My hope is that it will make it easier to upload on any device. Please follow this link, upload your contribution and it will become part of a community slideshow!