Best 3D modeling for kids program – TinkerCAD!

Have you been looking for a free 3d modeling for kids? Look no further than TinkerCAD!

I started teaching TinkerCAD around 10 years ago… there is still nothing better! It’s the perfect software for kids of all ages. It’s simple enough that even young children can learn it and has enough complexity that they won’t get bored. My own kids started at 5 years old.

Here are my tutorials for teaching TinkerCAD!

Why is it the best option for 3d modeling for kids?

Great question! There are many reasons.

Easy To Use Interface 

TinkerCAD was designed by Autodesk to be as user-friendly as possible. Its drag-and-drop interface makes it easy to create whatever your child can imagine. All that’s needed is a web browser – no downloads or installations required. With its intuitive tools and simple design, your child will be creating 3D models with ease in no time. Check out the tutorials I made to make TinkerCAD easy! 

Step-by-step instructions to get starting learning TinkerCAD

TinkerCAD has Powerful Features 

Although TinkerCAD is easy to use, don’t let that fool you into thinking it isn’t powerful. TinkerCAD has a variety of features that allow kids to create complex models with ease. It has drawing tools, shapes, and even allows users to upload their own 2D images or photos so they can turn them into 3D models. In addition, users can export their designs in a variety of formats including STL files which can then be used on 3D printers so your child can bring their creations to life! 

It Offers Flexible Design Tools 

The flexibility of TinkerCAD’s design tools makes it a great choice for children who are just getting into 3D modeling. With these tools, they can easily drag, rotate, mirror and resize shapes until they get the desired results—all without having to worry about complicated coding or programming languages. And if they want even more creative freedom, they can always experiment with the “Draw Tool” which allows them to draw their own shapes!  

It Has Endless Support Resources 

Just a quick search on Youtube will bring up tutorials on almost anything you might want to make. I have my students spend some time just exploring just how many TinkerCAD tutorials there are available!

Safe & Secure Environment 

TinkerCAD takes safety seriously, you don’t have to worry about their kids being exposed to inappropriate content or interacting with strangers online. All projects are private unless specifically shared by the user.

The best way to utilize TinkerCAD? 3D Printing and other projects

I also have resources on how to manage 3D printers in a classroom. 3D printed projects are best if they are a part of a bigger project – projects like the ones listed below!

No doubt – TinkerCAD is the best option for 3d modeling for kids

TinkerCAD is an excellent choice for teachers and parents who are looking for an accessible way for their kids to explore 3D modeling technology. Its intuitive design tools make it easy for anyone—regardless of age or technical ability—to start creating amazing models in no time at all! With its flexible design tools, easy-to-follow tutorials, and accessible support resources, your child will have everything they need to create anything their heart desires—the only limit is their imagination! So why not get them started today? After all, you never know what amazing things they could come up with!

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use but powerful software 3d modeling for kids, look no further than TinkerCAD! With its intuitive drag-and-drop interface and powerful features, even young children will be able to create their own 3D models with ease. Plus, with its secure environment and parent approval process, you don’t have to worry about your child being exposed to any inappropriate content while they explore the world of 3D modeling! Get started today – you won’t regret it

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